Please contact me if you are in a place where everything you've tried hasn't "worked." (

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, it is a sign of strength. 

I have studied classroom management in depth for the last 5 years for this non-profit blog designed to empower and encourage art teachers. I have been an art teacher for a total of 20 years; after teaching art part time and substitute teaching for 5 years, I taught middle school art full time for 13 years. I am now in my second year of teaching PK-12th grade art.

Because I believe in supporting, encouraging, and empowering art teachers, I am now offering consulting - I will even come visit you and watch you teach your worst class (provided your school is in central Alabama)! 

You can earn professional development hours with the permission of your principal (see below), AND you will leave our conversation feeling uplifted, encouraged, and stronger knowing it IS possible to change your classroom dynamic. 

I can consult with you via telephone, email, Skype, or Facebook message. 

Here is what you will get with your consultation:
1. A list of your strengths - I love to encourage!
2. Specific strategies you can use to improve
3. A Facebook message or email with information about resources that will help

4. A follow-up contact after two weeks just to check and see how you are doing! 

Email me at or message me on Facebook!

If you would like to earn professional development hours and you need the approval of your building administrator, here is a letter of introduction that includes a few of my credentials: 

Consultation Fee: $50.00 per hour

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