Art From Chaos, by Beth Moore, art-from-chaos.blogspot.com (Beth has posted her Power Point presentations based on art from around the world)

smART Class, by Natalie Waggenspack, elementaryartfun.blogspot.com

Mrs. Art Teacher

Mr. P. Studios, by Rodney Porterfield

Art With Mr E., by Ted Daniel Edinger

cassiestephens.blogspot.com, by Cassie Stephens

Deep Space Sparkle, by Patty Palmer

There's A Dragon In My Art Room, by Phyllis Levine Brown

Mini Matisse, by Nic Hahn

Art Is Basic, by Marcia Beckett

Lady Color Bones, by Kelly Parvin

Art Room Blog, by Lee Darter

Create Art With Me!, by Michelle East

Brava Art Press, by Raquel Redmond

drydenart/fugleblog, by Tricia Fuglestad

Painted Paper, by Laura Lohmann

Tales From the Traveling Art Teacher, by Heidi O'Hanley

Primarily Art With Mrs. Depp, by Sheryl Depp

shine brite zamorano, by Don Masse

Annie's Art Room, by Annie Jewett

It's Art Day, by Beth Carter

Art With Mrs. Nguyen, by Melinda Nguyen

Art In 40 Minute Increments, by Debbie Pulst

Art For Kids Hub, by Rob Jensen

artfulparent.com, by Jean Van't Hul


missartofteaching, by Cher Kwan

Mrs. Jardin's Art Room, by Rebecca Jardin

artfulartsyamy.com, by Amy Zschaber

The Helpful Art Teacher, by Rachel Wintemberg

Artventuring In Middle School, by Janine Campbell

HCMS Art Room, by Jay Davis

Art. Eat. Tie Dye. Repeat., by Abby Schukei

Mini Matisse, by Nic Hahn

Pretend Studio, by Kerri Waller

Capitol of Creativity, by Holly Bess Kincaid


Sotamedialab, by Ms. Lawson; this site has terrific technology and photography lessons

PHS Visual Art Department, by Jeanne Bjork; her blog has wonderful alternative photography process lessons
Digital Gets Dirty; Experimental Printmaking Techniques
Formal Photography Lesson Plan

artedguru.com, by Eric Gibbons

East Art Room, by Tim Bogatz (also writes for theartofed.com)

Joy Schultz, TAB

Art Class With Mrs. B., Can't Never Could, Now Go Make Some Art!!!, by Jean Freer Barnett (TAB)

PHS Visual Art Dept., by Jeanne Bjork

Explore Fiber, by Christine Krueger Miller

Northern Art Teacher, by Colleen Rose 

Millis High School Art, by Carol M. Haggerty

The Unstandardized Standard, by Amber Kane

Clara Lieu, Ask The Professor, excellent site for advanced students


School Arts Room, by Nancy Walkup

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