TALKING TOO MUCHWhat are some effective strategies to deal with chatty kids?

TALKING WHILE I AM TALKING: I need some practical advice to deal with students who talk during the lesson! 

APATHETIC: What can I do to motivate my students to work hard? Why don't they want to do any work in the first place?

GIVING UP IN FRUSTRATION: What can I do to teach kids about the Growth Mindset? 

WASTING PAINT: How do you teach kids to conserve paint?

NOT CLEANING UP PROPERLY: I need more ideas for efficient clean up routines!

DESTROYING MY ERASERS: What do other teachers do to keep kids from losing, damaging, or stealing erasers?

TANGLING UP MY YARN: I need organization ideas - how can I distribute yarn quickly and easily?

USING UP MY SUPPLIES; I need ideas for saving money, raising money, or finding free stuff!

FINISHING TOO EARLY: What are some engaging activities for early finishers to do?


PART I: Linear Perspective, How Do You Teach It?
Part II: Linear Perspective, Teaming Up

DOING TESSELLATIONS; Where can I find helpful resources?

HIGH POVERTY: Is it more challenging to deal with classroom management in high poverty schools? What are some things I can do to help my underprivileged students behave better and improve their ability to learn? 

DISRESPECTFUL: How do other teachers deal with disrespectful behavior in a positive, calm, and fair way?

TALKING BACK: What is the best and most effective way to respond to students who talk back?

WILD: What are some tried and true ways to create a more disciplined and structured learning environment? 

MOCKING ME: I am in an impossible situation and need advice to deal with extreme rebellion.

TAKING ADVANTAGE; How can I be a better leader?

DRIVING ME CRAZY... What are ways that other teachers stay calm in highly volatile situations? Why does my brain feel like it shuts down when I get upset - as if I just can't think?

WEARING ME OUT: where can I find advice about dealing with burn-out?

SAPPING MY POWER: What are some tried and true ways to maintain authority in the classroom?




Editor's note: Managing student behavior involves far more than discipline techniques. In order to create an environment for student success, the teacher needs to provide quality instruction as well as appropriate motivation. Most importantly, the teacher needs to have the right attitude for leadership in the classroom. Finally, having a solid classroom management plan with rules and procedures set up from the beginning of the year is also extremely important - students need to be very clear about what the teacher's expectations are.

disclaimer: These are a set of ideas about being proactive in teaching based on classroom experience as well as various education authors. Many times there are circumstances in the classroom that are beyond any teacher's control, especially when serving at-risk populations or in environments where those in administration fail to provide effective leadership in a school. Sometimes, regardless of the prevailing theories about teacher responsibility, the teacher is not to be blamed for out of control students. Finally, we do NOT recommend that you put any of these strategies into practice if your administration disagrees with them. 

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