Thank you so much for your interest in the AAEA Mentoring Program! Our hope is that we can keep talented teachers from leaving the field as well as serve to increase new teachers’ proficiency in the classroom. We are in the process of setting up this program in order to assist new and struggling teachers as soon as possible for the 2016-2017 school year. 


Q. How do I sign up?
A. You can contact us to sign up by sending an email to: 

Q. Will I be paired with someone from my area? 

A. Possibly, but we feel it is more important to connect art teachers who teach the same grade level as well as who serve similar demographics. We want to provide the best support possible, and it just makes sense for an elementary art teacher to get help from a mentor whose expertise is in teaching elementary!

Q. Will mentors receive a stipend?

A. We are working to find funding so that mentors will receive a small stipend and so that we can provide a substitute teacher for mentors to visit and coach mentees during the school day. Right now, however, the program is strictly a volunteer program with no remunerations.

Q. Will I have to drive all the way to my mentee's school if s/he is out of town?
A. No, you can provide support by talking on the phone, communicating via email, text, Facebook, Skype, (etc.) and possibly meeting at a central location.

Q. Do you have a document I can show my principal to request his/her permission to participate in the program? 

A. See below

Q. Can I earn professional development hours?

A. Yes, but you will need to submit your log of hours to your principal. You should be able to request his/her approval through STI-PD. See below.

Q. What will you need from me initially? 
A. In order for us to pair you with the right mentee, we need to know the level of commitment you will be able to serve this year and/or next year. We also seek to guarantee principals and supervisors of mentor quality. We will need you to take a moment to answer the following questions:
1.       How many years experience do you have teaching which grade levels? 
2.      Where do you teach?
3.      What demographic do you serve?
4.       Do you have a current resume you could send electronically?         (Principals and art supervisors may wish to see qualifications)
5.       How would you be willing to help your mentee?       
        a.       By checking on your mentee weekly or monthly via email or    telephone       
        b.      Visiting your mentee’s classroom after school hours or during school hours?       
        c.       Coaching your mentee via Skype? (This might be necessary if we have mentees in rural areas.)       
        d.      Providing a time slot for your mentee to call you if they are having an especially hard time?       
        e.      Providing non-judgmental advice, with compassion and understanding.
6.       Would you be willing to provide a brief report to us at the end of the school year so that we can be accountable to AAEA?
7. Would you be willing to attend a meeting at a central location, probably at the Birmingham Museum of Art?

Q. How soon will I be contacted after I sign up? 
A. Give us one to two weeks. We need a few days to contact your mentee and wait for a response. We communicate primarily via email. You will receive an email from us as well as your mentee so that you each have one another's contact information.  You will also receive a letter for your principal and a questionnaire to fill out at the end of the year.


1. letter of introduction for principals and supervisors
2. log of professional development hours to be submitted to principals
3. questionnaire

For more information, please contact us at

We recently started a Facebook group, Alabama Art TeachersWe created this group because we would like to build a more collaborative, supportive community for art teachers in Alabama, especially those of us who are the only art teacher in our school/district/county. This is a great place to "talk shop" with other art teachers all over the state without leaving the house! This is a closed group, so the only people who can see what we post here are members. (The only requirement to join this group is that you teach art in Alabama.)

This website and the AAEA Mentoring Program are managed by a volunteer team of teachers who are not compensated in any way for their efforts. Our mission is to facilitate ways for art teachers to work together to help one another survive and thrive. We believe this is vital for the future of art education in Alabama (and everywhere).

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