Attention: Art Teachers of Alabama!
Professional Development Opportunity Focusing on Classroom Management

When: February 4th, 2014 ("sneak peek" at the AAEA conference workshop: November 2014)

Time: 4-6 p.m.

Fees: NONE
Hosted by: Jefferson County Board of Education& the Birmingham Art Education Association

Managing the Art Classroom: The Power of Collective Wisdom

This workshop is designed to strengthen our skills in the area of classroom management and discipline. All art teachers are invited to come and participate, whether you have questions or would like to offer your words of wisdom! At this workshop, every teacher is a resource, not just the presenters.
Let us end the sense of isolation so many of us experience! Come and share!

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Lindsay said...

What an amazing workshop and group of teachers! I was so excited to see many new and familiar faces. I learned a lot and shared a lot too. The top ten lists in each grade level had great tips and I loved how many similarities there were. I also am excited to look into some of the books Anna Suggested. The elementary group spent a lot of time talking about ways to address the accommodations and modifications of special needs and autistic students. We shared ideas on how to incorporate tactile "stemming" tools and discussed various art lessons we had all tried and had success with our low functioning and special needs students.