Beginning with the end in mind: participants hang the "fruits of their labor" on the classroom management tree at the "Managing the Art Classroom" workshop; AAEA Fall Conference.

We at MANAGING THE ART CLASSROOM have been working hard this year to develop this website as well as provide professional development opportunities for art teachers in Alabama. So far we have held 3 classroom management workshops, one in February (sponsored by the BAEA and Jefferson County Schools), one in October (thanks to Jefferson County Schools and Stacia Jacks), and one at the AAEA Fall Conference in Montgomery. We would like to provide as many resources as we can for our colleagues and we have been learning a lot in the process! Here are a few comments from workshop participants:
"After 15 years of teaching this was the best classroom management workshop I've ever attended. The information was valuable and well supported. Great day today!"
"It was valuable to share out ideas, discussing with each other - what works for you, what do you need help with? Also, amazing tips - so thorough! Thanks for the research! (I loved the branch activity)."
"Great job! It was great discussing the pros and cons of teaching art. I feel like I am more knowledgeable about classroom management. Thank you for all of the new and refreshing ideas!"
"I really enjoyed listening to what works and what does not work in the classroom. It helped me feel less like I am the 'only one' with these problems. The research is wonderful to read and hear about!" 
"Fantastic! Practical tools, examples of actual classroom management plans, consequences, etc. Most all classroom management seems theoretical and no one ever explains how to make or shows examples of working CMP's, especially pre-writing consequences. Thank you for the expertise and handouts!" 
"There were some of the same concerns I had in my classroom, there were helpful  ideas to use in my classroom, and there were ideas recommended that I already use and I am glad I am using them!"
"The topic is an important one especially for new teachers with little or no management experience. Classroom management begins with the school administration and as a team can become manageable and consistent."
 "It was so nice to discuss and or "vent" with other teachers who do what I do everyday."

Introducing the "Managing the Art Classroom" workshop
 We are very grateful to the Alabama Art Education Association for providing art teachers with such wonderful opportunities to earn professional development hours, but most importantly we love getting together with other art teachers! It is also refreshing to get to be the student, learning all kinds of new art techniques and classroom strategies. 

Some of the workshops that were offered at the AAEA Fall Conference included  iPad apps., visual communication, wheel-throwing clay, fabric designs, "fast and loose" painting techniques, screen printing, funding, National Art Honor Society programs, Gaudi plaster pouring, and many, many more! 

If you were not among the 130 art teachers who attended this conference, you truly missed out!

As Jessica Balsley so eloquently said, "You get to be with your tribe!" 

We had a fantastic time at the AAEA Fall Conference! Visit the AAEA Facebook
page to learn more (and see lots of pics.!)

Many thanks to Connie Deal, Beelee Tullos, Jessica Balsley, the Montgomery Academy, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts.

Connie Deal taught us how to use bleach to design 100% cotton aprons - these are 2 of my favorites!

 Editor's note: don't do what I did - mine did not turn out because I used way too much bleach and the lettering spread out so much the design just disappeared. I must not have been listening to directions!

Montgomery Museum of Fine Art studio activity: Crayola air-dry clay African masks

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