Lately I have been hearing about a lot of teachers experiencing burnout (myself not excluded). The author of this beautiful post is "right-on" and I am recommending it to all my colleagues:

12 Choices To Help You Step Back From Burnout, by Vicki Davis, Edutopia.org

Photo by Vicki Davis

Here are a few more articles on the subject: 

photo credit: http://teachoutsidethebox.com


7 Ways To Survive The Teacher Mom Struggle, Teach Outside The Box, by Brooke Brown

How To Avoid Teacher Burnout, by Michael Linsin, smartclassroommanagement.com

Why It's Okay To Feel Teacher Burnout, by Jennifer Borel, theartofed.com

Cassie Stephens, Art Teacherin' 101 Episode 24; World's Okayest Art Teacher"

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